Cryotherapy + ultrasound

Cryoultrasound™ already unique in its kind, is now enhanced by a new design and innovative technology which make it even more effective. It is a medical device which is based on the synergy between two therapeutic techniques: cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy.
The simultaneous use of these two techniques enhances the normal therapeutic effects eliminating complications emerging from the heat of the ultrasound. This enables the therapist to use Cryoultrasound also in acute traumas and inflammations, as well as in chronic pathologies. The Cryoultrasound supports the healing process determining a quicker recovery due to the interruption of the pain-spasm inactivity cycle because, by exploiting the maximum power of ultrasound and cryotherapy, it produces a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the treated tissues.

Technical features

  • max ultrasound output power: 3 watt /cm²
  • operating frequency: 1 mhz +/- 5%
  • cryotherapy: adjustable up to -10 c°
  • weight: 30 kg
  • dimensions: 66 x 37.5 x 93 cm
  • transducer: piezoelectric ceramic
  • display: digital display
  • safety class: 1 type bf
  • CE n°: 0068