Medislipper 1000 Plus

Medislipper 1000 Plus is a technologically innovative apparatus, unique and specific for the muscle training and the ankle rehabilitation in traumatology, sports medical and neurological fields. Allows an effective recovery of proprioception and tibio-tarsal articulation range of motion in all hypo-mobility conditions.

How does Medislipper 1000 Plus work?

Medislipper 1000 Plus introduces the possibility to stimulate the mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors determining a rapid muscle activation in all circumstances. Acting on the articular excursion and speed of movement it is possible to act on the complex movements of the ankle allowing you to achieve outstanding results.

Medislipper 1000 Plus allows an optimal recovery thanks to the execution mode Passive and Active and to the possibility of acting on various parameters such as the speed of movement, the articular excursion and the resistance.

New function: evaluation of treatment

Thanks to the new specific Force Sensors you can monitor the angular velocity of the active exercise (revolutions per second) and the imprinted force (Newton). This feature therefore allows the therapist to check the actual improvement of the patient as a result of rehabilitation or training carried out.

Active Phase: Dynamic Stabilization

In Active mode is the patient that activates the circling movement previously set by the therapist. With this working mode there is a Dynamic Stabilization on muscular component (coordinated action) and an effective proprioceptive stimulation.

Passive Phase: Static Stabilization

In Passive mode the movement is activated by a specific electronic function, with this working mode there is a Static Stabilization of bones and ligaments as well as a Passive Moilization and Prioprioceptive Stimulation.